Why I Started FX1

Sports have been at the heart of my life, both in participation and as a fan.

But recently, I've noticed a huge trend. How the next generation of fans consume sports and entertainment online has fundamentally shifted forever (my 3 kids remind me daily). Each of us sitting at home watching the matches alone. Phones out, we gradually lose track of what's happening on screen. Somehow, even though we live in an age where it's easier than ever to connect, we are feeling the most disconnected we have ever felt from our favourite sports. This doesn't make sense.

Sport deserves better. Fans deserve better, too.

So I decided things needed to change. The FX1 mission? To reignite the rush you feel when you're truly fixated on the action of live sports.

At FX1, we bring the stadium to you. FX1 is a sports data and technology company built by sports fans for sports fans. We are a team of world-class AI engineers and data scientists building predictive models that blow the lid off sports analytics. The results have been mind-blowing, especially for combat sports where reliable data has been basically non-existent...until now.

Stats are the fire that fuels every die hard fan's obsession. But traditional stats barely scratch the surface. Imagine bringing real-time advanced data and science to sports officiating. What about things like punch velocity, knockback force, air time on catches, or the power used by a surfer? Where can you currently find all the juicy, drool-worthy data that lets you experience sports like never before?

Right here at FX1!

We're building an immersive experience to plug you into the game, even if you're watching from your couch.

A new level of online experiences

In the long term, FX1 is exploring newer and better ways to immerse you into the sports you love. We see a future where our partnerships with leagues, streaming platforms, metaverse worlds, and VR device makers, all elevate online experiences to a whole new level.

The fans and the sports

Make no mistake, things are just getting started here at FX1. But this is our rallying cry: to bring fans and the sports they love together again through the depths of data and insight.

Stay tuned, because the future of immersive sports viewing is about to take off.

DamienFounder & CEO

App coming soon!

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