About Us

Our Vision

To redefine how Gen Z and Millennial's consume and interact with sports.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to evolve and enhance the overall experience of watching sports online for Gen Z’sand young Millennial communities. FX1 will grow viewership by enabling them to connect and engage socially while watching online sports with their friends, while also having the ability to earn income, prizes, and clout.

What We Do

Our product is an interactive live messaging platform that seamlessly integrates and enhances the streamed sportsgame day experience, making it easier for fans to connect and engage socially while watching sports online.

Fans will be able to browse all their streamed sports platforms in one place, watch live sports online, chatwith friends anywhere, and earn rewards and prizes while watching sports.

FX1 will partner with streaming platforms, sporting leagues, and media rights holders. Our platform complementsand enhances the online experience for its customers.

Unlike the current streaming platforms that offer streamed content to customers in return for a fee, FX1 leveragesthis streamed content by overlaying it with proprietary-built technology that further enhances the experience.

FX1 Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned company. It also owns FIT3 LLC, which represents theNorth American arm of FX1. Our North American team is based out of California and supports FX1 across product development, sales, and marketing.

To get in touch please shoot us an email to hello@fx1.io.